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Rand Sandblasting was founded in 1987 by Louis Glen Sacks. A small company offering abrasive blasting and protective coatings, soon grew into a well-established turnkey supplier in the Corrosion Protection Industry. Offering services such as Scaffolding, Sheeting, Denso Wrapping, Hot and Cold Insulation, HP & UHP Cleaning, Concrete Rehabilitation and Fire Protection, Rand Sandblasting is now a well-known name and often the supplier of choice.

What sets RSC apart from its competitors is that we have established Companies in many parts of Africa. In this way we are able to provide a superior service, as we are based in or near the country a specific project is taking place. RSC believes in adding to the country’s economy by creating job opportunities and employing local people with the relevant expertise to perform the services we offer.

After an intense in-house training course, our teams are able to execute a project with precision and excellence. We strive to uphold a high standard of Quality and Customer satisfaction at all times.

Building client relationships are of great importance to us.

Gathering insight into which areas we can improve on is a continual exercise that we take very seriously.

Understanding our client’s needs and equipping our staff to provide the best quality service is at the forefront of our mission. Each department within RSC strives to provide and exceed client expectation.

Taking our service to the next level by ensuring 100% attention to detail at every step of the project take-on process. From pricing enquiries to QC data packs our aim is to provide quality at the best price with the most professional work force.

Within the group we have the following BEE status:

Rand Sandblasting Projects has a B-BBEE level 4 status and 60% black ownership.

Rand Blast Sites is a BWO company and boasts a B-BBEE level 1 and 84% black ownership which currently handles our Power Generation and Petrochemical Projects in S.A.

We employ on average 2 000 people. RSC prides itself on equipping, enabling and providing all necessary resources to its employees, for them to reach their full potential in the task set before them. RSC manages employees in a way which their abilities and strengths are highlighted and developed.

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