Corrosion Protection

The aim of corrosion protection is to influence the rate at which reactions occur, resulting in less corrosion over a longer period of time. By mechanically isolating the package con ...

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Industrial Painting

Most commonly used paint suppliers are Stoncor, Sigma, International Paints, Hempel, Jotun and Plascon. RSC believes a well-established relationship with our paint suppliers is imper ...

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Abrasive Blasting

Surface preparation is the most important part of the Corrosion Protection process. Simply put, surface preparation is to a coating system what a foundation is to a building. Blast ...

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Concrete Rehabilitation

One of the many specialized services RSC offers, Concrete Rehabilitation, is an expertise our teams are well trained in. Product knowledge is regarded as most important when it comes to o ...

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With the increase in maintenance and project work for the petrochemical and power-generation industries, it is imperative that we provide access scaffolding in such cases and as a result ...

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Denso Steel Protection

We are capable of providing a wide range of application of anti-corrosion protection systems to steelwork and plant. Services include: - Above group type wrapping - Buried pip ...

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HP & UHP Cleaning

Widely accepted as an environmentally sound alternative to abrasive blasting. We have the expertise and equipment available to perform HP and UHP Water Jetting operating at pressures ...

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Industrial Sheeting

We undertake cladding of industrial and commercial buildings ...

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Hot & Cold Insulation

RSC specializes in insulation (thermal, acoustic and cryogenic). Our Thermal Insulation Division offers the supply and expert application of both hot & cold insulation systems. R ...

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Fire Protection

RSC understands the need and intricacy to insulate steel and concrete structures from the effects of high temperatures that may be generated by fire, and are therefore equipped to offer P ...

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