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Core Industrial Services

RSC industrial services originally a corrosion protection entity has organically grown its bouquet of service offerings through the  logical extension of its core capabilities and brand.

Scaffolding and rope access was incorporated as a pre-requisite for corrosion protection access. Acid lining, tank lining, insulation, cladding, sheeting, denso pipe wrapping, thermal spray aluminium, rubber lining, fire Intumescent and concrete rehabilitation were all coatings  and  covering methodologies utilising the same internal core engineering expertise and asset base. The application and surface preparation for corrosion protection provided various basting methodologies and UHP to the list of ourcore services.

The result is a specialised site maintenance offering by RSC  providing for the extension of life on all structural assets in remote and harsh environments. The outcome is a professional project company offering all site maintenance industrial services from a single provider for a single P & G through a local service provider thus providing limited risk and reduced capex expenditure.

RSC can proudly boast unsurpassed expertise in all of the services provided and detailed below.

Abrasive Blasting

The RSC head office hosts the largest blasting yard in Southern Africa and a portion of all steel fabricated for Africa will inevitably pass through this facility. Surface preparation is the most important part of the Corrosion Protection process. In other words;  “surface preparation” is to a coating system what a foundation is to a building.

Industrial Painting

RSC Specialises in application of  industrial paints within numerous mining, oil and gas, petrochemical, power generation and industrial environments. Whether its working at heights or in confined spaces ,RSC has the experience to deliver quality workmanship safely  in the most extreme environments.

Concrete Rehabilitation

Corrosion protection is not only imperative to steel structures but also to concrete within the industrial environment. RSC has developed the expertise to provide rehabilitation to corroded concrete structures using rehabilitative products and where necessary executing new builds.

Hot, Cold & Acoustic Insulation

RSC Specialises in insulation (thermal and acoustic). Our Thermal Insulation Division offers the supply and expert application of both hot & cold insulation systems. Experience includes hot and cold solutions for the mining, power, petro-chemical, paper, sugar and oil and gas industries. Cladding can be developed in aluminum, stainless and galvanized products.

Industrial Sheeting

RSC are specialists in the supply and installation of Sheeting to all forms of Industries.  Our Sheeting crew are specialised Sheeting Applicators and can work off Scaffolding and do installations with Rope Access.  We maintain a strict safety record with a low risk factor on all our projects. 

Fire Protection

RSC is approved and trained in the application of fireproofing materials. This includes intumescent, void/penetration sealants and fire stopping materials for cable racks.

Rope Access

RSC specialises in Rope Access Techniques to access areas that cannot be reached by Scaffolding or any other forms of access.


RSC provides pipe pigging services for inspection, desludging and maintenance purposes. Pigging reduces the environmental impact of cleaning operations whilst reducing the loss of product and it avoids the need for line flushing.

Pigs allow for separation of products in pipeline, internal cleaning of the line, Inline inspection of internal walls and capturing of geometric information relating to pipes.

RSC Yard

RSC is proud to have the largest corrosion protection facility of its kind in Africa. This vast facility boasts an operational area of 142 000m² as well as 6 000m² of under-cover facilities. Additional resources include 10 Tower Cranes, 4 Mobi Lift Cranes and a 50 ton Mobile Crane, enabling the facility a throughput of 2 000 tons of steel per month.

One rotating boom and two internal pipe booms provide for any piping applications.

The rubber lining plant includes two autoclaves (14M x 1.8M Dia) & (7.5M x 2.2M Dia) and a dedicated undercover rubber lining processing facility with holding capability of 100 Rolls and production of 2000m² per month.

Corrosion Protection

The aim of corrosion protection is to influence the rate at which oxidation occurs, resulting in less corrosion over a longer period and extending the life of the asset and ensuring structural integrity, thereby minimizing maintenance.


Due to the demands for access, the provision of scaffold was a logical and organic service add-on for the Group. With the increase in maintenance and project work for the petrochemical and power-generation industries scaffolding has become a core RSC service.

Secondary Containment & Acid Proof Linings

RSC specialises in the Design, Supply and Application of Acid Proof Linings. 

Typically utilised for acid tanks, CIL areas and bund containment areas, RSC can provide the most robust systems capable or withstanding the corrosive elements and thermal shock effects associated with the most aggressive acids.

HP & UHP Cleaning

Widely accepted as an environmentally sound alternative to abrasive blasting. RSC has the expertise and equipment available to perform HP & UHP Water Jetting operating at pressures ranging between 68bar and 2800 bar.

Denso Steel Protection

RSC can provide a wide range of applications of

anti-corrosion protection systems to steelwork, tanks  and plant.

Rubber Lining

We supply wear and corrosion protection on chutes, piping, and tanks using high wear-resistant natural rubber.  This can be applied on-site or at our workshop.

Asbestos Removal

RSC enjoys accreditation from the department of Labour as a registered asbestos contractor. We offer legally compliant and safe asbestos removal by experienced staff.

The prolific use of asbestos in the past and its recognition as a serious health hazard has necessitated a structured safe procedure to remove and isolate 

On Site Full Turnkey - Plant Maintenance

RSC is able to offer a single point of accountability and a single P & G for numerous industrial services from a single service provider thus passing on considerable savings to asset owners across the continent.

By combining corrosion protection, scaffolding, concrete rehabilitation, sheeting, acid lining, insulation, cladding and fire proofing amongst many other industrial services, our clients can benefit from a single point of contact, world class quality and safety offerings, highly specialised and certified services from a local contractor.